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Our name – Quick Reaction Force 22 – came about after the statistic released in 2012 from the VA’s Suicide Data Report that analyzed the death certificates from 21 states from 1999 to 2011 stated that on average 22 Veterans commit suicide every day.

Our plans and programs focus on financial assistance,reintroduction services including resume building and financial planning. By personally offering physical well-being exercises, dietary guidance and also hosting various group ran outings including camping, hiking and virtual meet ups we aim to directly interact with our Veterans.

All of our involvements are designed to encourage and reinforce the betterment of our veterans – Quick Reaction Force is focused on doing everything possible to be there for our American Veterans.

Have an idea of something you’d like us to look into? Know someone who may be able to benefit from our services and programs? Have questions you think we may be able to answer?

Find us on Facebook, Intagram, Twitter or email us directly at info@qrf22.org


About Quick Reaction Force 22

For many people, when you think about American Military Veterans an image of well trained, strong, resilient, battle hardened men and women fill your mind – The protectors who signed up, swore to give their time, energy and lives to protecting American Civilians and America’s rights. Our objective, is to similarly do for our American Veterans what they have done for us, swear to do […]

The Numbers

When it comes to discussing the hard topic of Veteran Suicide and the statistics behind the epidemic, we want to ensure that you have the background as well as most current information to help assist with reducing the veteran suicide rates. In 2014 the VA released a statistical analysis of Veteran Suicide that reported more than 7,400 Veterans has taken their own lives accounting for […]


The increasingly popular hashtag #IAmQRF is just one of the many ways that you can express that you are in support of our battle towards reducing and eradicating the Veteran Suicide Epidemic. Simply showing your support and assisting us with spreading the word of our charity is more appreciated than we can express. Do You want to join our fight? Do you have skills or […]


Whether you are a Veteran who is looking for information or assistance, a family member wanting to be a member of the strong support system needed at home or part of the community wanting to do what you can to assist, we want you to know that we are here for you. Please look below for more information. If you are in search of funding […]

Latest Posts

50/50 Drawing To Benefit Quick Reaction Force 22

50/50 Drawing To Benefit Quick Reaction Force 22

Quick Reaction Force 22’s 50/50 Drawing     ATTENTION! Calling all QRF Friends and Family! During the month of June, Quick Reaction Force 22 will be hosting a 50/50 drawing to benefit QRF22 and give back to one lucky winner who will receive half of the proceeds raised! The drawing will end July 3rd and the winner will be announced July 4th, 2018. For every […]

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Essential Oils and PTSD

Essential Oils and PTSD

There are times in life when a small adjustment can create a huge change within ourselves and how we manage the things in our life. If you or someone you know suffers from PTSD, this article may just be the small adjustment in the right direction you are looking for. There have been studies performed stating that nearly 8% of Americans will develop post traumatic […]

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1 Year Anniversary Of Quick Reaction Force 22

1 Year Anniversary Of Quick Reaction Force 22

Before we get into anything – a simple ‘Thank you’ is never gong to be enough. We truly appreciate every one of you who has reached out to us, shared our message, assisted us with connecting with Veterans we can help and donated your time, energy or finances to helping Quick Reaction Force 22 and our Veteran Charity achieve our goals of saving Veterans lives. […]

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