1 Year Anniversary Of Quick Reaction Force 22

1 Year Anniversary Of Quick Reaction Force 22

Before we get into anything – a simple ‘Thank you’ is never gong to be enough. We truly appreciate every one of you who has reached out to us, shared our message, assisted us with connecting with Veterans we can help and donated your time, energy or finances to helping Quick Reaction Force 22 and our Veteran Charity achieve our goals of saving Veterans lives.

There were a number of us involved in the initial discussions of starting a Veteran Charity and while many ideas or thoughts came about on how we could best server our Veterans and community, many of us had personally experienced losing a friend, brother, sister, child or parent to Veteran Suicide. The initial formulation of the Charity was a no brainier – David, Eddie and Heather got to work and started putting ducks in a row, getting people on the phone and developing the awareness and advocacy foundation that Quick Reaction Force current sits upon.

This focus of Veteran Suicide Prevention proved to be extremely rewarding and positive – in a short time we had recruited an amazing staff of volunteers that have been reaching out to Veterans and their families on a nearly daily basis. Almost monthly we were receiving thank you messages explaining that if it had not been for us and our focused and continued ‘reaching out’ that these Veterans may not be with us today – it is message like this that keep us going.

After some time it became apparent to us that focusing simply on the specific issue of Veterans who were ‘in the last stage’ of Suicide and preventing the final act was limiting the scope of individuals that we could positively impact. Through much deliberation it was decided that our ‘original idea’ was truly to ‘fight the demons that Veterans face that may lead to suicide’ rather than the act of suicide itself.

While we still focus greatly on the act of Veteran Suicide Prevention – we have increased our focus to include actions that can help prevent the ‘start of the spiral’ rather than solely focusing on stopping the spiral once it is out of control. By hitting these hard to define points in a Veterans return to civilian life and continued adventure in ‘the real world’, our aim is to lessen the negatives that can start the road towards suicide.

Quick Reaction Force 22 has a number of specific programs we plan to offer including Education, Transition Assistance, Professional Services, Financial Assistance as well as Mental and Physical health and well-being. Adding these programs onto our already well received awareness and advocacy program emphasizing on Education, Motivation and Inspiration – we hope to save more Veteran’s lives than we ever could have before.

The first of these programs that we intend to roll our in Q1 of 2018 is our financial assistance program where we connect with Veterans who need just a little help with an electric bill, filling the gas tank or even a tuition bill. We are not a continued payment source, we will not send the recipient cash – but sometimes $100 towards an electric bill can be the answer to what would otherwise be a hard conversation, personal defeat or worse – the start to a spiral.

2018 will come with a huge amount of work from the Quick Reaction Force 22 Co-Founders as well as our amazing volunteer team but none of this could happen without donations and support from our readers, patrons, their families, friends and everyone who supports our American Veterans and wishes to help.

Again – thank you so much for helping us make 2017 as amazing as it was and for giving us the opportunity to save Veteran Lives.

Quick Reaction Force 22

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