Essential Oils and PTSD

Essential Oils and PTSD

There are times in life when a small adjustment can create a huge change within ourselves and how we manage the things in our life. If you or someone you know suffers from PTSD, this article may just be the small adjustment in the right direction you are looking for.

There have been studies performed stating that nearly 8% of Americans will develop post traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD, at some point in their lifetime with Veterans being significantly higher in their percentage of developing PTSD. At any given time it has been said that 5% of the population is currently suffering from the disorder. This figure means that more than 13 million people suffer from PTSD.

PTSD treatments have included therapy, meditation, reintegration and medication. While these items have been proven to be beneficial, natural homeopathic opportunities are becoming more and more revered as an alternative to these options.

Essential Oils are a naturally occurring, aromatic compound that is found within seeds, bark, stems, roots, flowers or other parts of plants. These oils not only give plants their specific smells but also protect as well as help in reproduction of these plants. Historically these oils have been used in fragrances, food preparation, beauty treatments but more specifically for our discussion – health benefits.

Being completely homeopathic – these oils can be used in small doses either in the air or applied directly to the body, or even ingested. Depending upon the desired outcome these oils can be utilized as sleep aids, as anti-anxiety components, for digestive symptoms or ailments of PTSD.


Below are a few recipes we have found or used ourselves to treat such ailments. Please let us know if they help you or if you would like us to include more recipes.

One mixture is known as “Serenity Blend” – this has been noted at being very effective in reducing Insomnia, anxiety, depression and helping to balance the nervous system. This DIY blend includes 15 drops of Lavender, 6 drops of Bergamot and 3 drops of Mandarin.

Lavender being used alone has been known to alleviate fear, anxiety, stress, panic and depression, as well as reduce nightmares and sleep disturbances

Bergamot has been used to relieve anxiety and fear while also having a pleasing scent.

To calm the mind, relax the body, and induce sleepiness, Mandarin has been proven in modern studies of its efficacy, mandarin oil aromatherapy has been found to possess sedative and anti-anxiety properties.

Rose oil is the second most popular essential oil used to treat anxiety and depression. It has been credited for treating grief, panic attacks, shock and more.

Chamomile is used to treat anxiety, worry, irritability, depression and increase one’s feelings of peace and contentment. A 2012 study supports its antidepressive and anti-anxiety qualities. In addition to the oil being used as an inhalant, it has also been a highly recommended ingredient in lotions, tea, candles, room fresheners and other popular retail products.

At the end of the day, while we have heard of these oils helping individuals with PTSD and have experienced our own benefits, we suggest and recommend you consult your physician to ensure that Essential Oils are right for you.

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